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Founded by Derek Waters and Kyle Gant, Twist Inc started out as an oilfield manufacturing & commercial developments company based out of Leduc industrial park. We serviced those industries until the price of oil collapsed, at which point we needed to focus on a different sector.


A lot of research was done on the Alberta screw pile industry, and we noticed several glaring problems where our company could succeed.


There are several larger companies that manufacture and install screw piles (usually for high paying oilfield projects), but there are a large number of companies that only install screw piles. The problems that arose from that situation were:


- Long turn-around times: Large manufacturers focus on their projects first, often leaving installation companies to wait on product and miss their deadlines


- Limited stock: With the large manufacturers focusing on their own projects, they were left with limited stock in inventory. Installer companies would call in to check for stock, then travel sometimes hours to pick up screw piles, only to be told they were sold out when they arrived. 


- Hours of operation: The large manufacturers would only be available to load piles 8 hours day, and they would not stagger breaks to always have someone available. A lot of the installer companies are 1-man operations, and cannot pick up during standard hours. 


- Buying from competition: In order to bid on projects, the installation companies would have to bring their jobs to the large companies for pricing. The large company would then bid on that same project for less than they quoted the installer to build the piles.


- Contracts, pricing and hidden fees: The large manufacturers knew the installers were forced to buy from them. With that in mind they implemented minimum orders, re-bundling fees, exclusive contracts, and admin fees. They were also free to raise the screw pile prices as they saw fit. 


There was a huge lack of customer service for the installer companies and they were at the mercy of the large manufacturers, and that's where we saw our opportunity to get into the market. 


Our new focus was to provide everything an installation company needs to be successful: Low prices, extremely flexible hours, fast production, no contracts, no minimum orders, and no competition with their supplier. We knew that if we could provide that and help these installers grow, we would grow with them. 


We love manufacturing screw piles and helping our customers grow. When the oil price rises again, we will not chase the oilfield projects. We are here to stay as a screw pile manufacturer.