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TWIST is your one-stop shop for all your screw pile and installation accessories. Let our experience guide you to your optimal setup.


Authorized Dealer for Today’s Top Installation Products

Twist prides itself on reliability and innovation, which is why we have aligned with only the best suppliers of installation equipment to pair with our TWIST Screw Piles. As an authorized dealer for Dinamic Oil, DIGGA, AllTorque, and Concept Measurement Inc products, TWIST offers you everything from tough, dependable drive heads to precision torque monitoring systems. Visit our interactive guide below and learn how a typical installation rig is set up!

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The right equipment for the job is crucial. Our team can take any machine, from a small walk-behind to a large excavator, and ensure that you have the most efficient setup for your rig.

Just let us know the type of market you’re in (residential work, or larger commercial/industrial projects) and our team will guide you through the decision process to keep your investment on budget.

If your machine needs any modifications – no problem! TWSIT has in-house fabrication that can customize anything from a removable jib extension to a cradle housing for safe storage of your gear.


Every torque monitoring system needs to connect to your actual screw pile. TWIST has developed its patented TWIST Multi-Can to get the job done quickly and more efficiently. Available in a variety of sizes, the sleeve insert system of the multi-can allows you to go between 3 different screw pile sizes without ever unbolting your drive can from your machine! Its all in the interest of convenience and getting you off to your next job in less time.

Option 1: Torque Hub-Professional installations are entirely dependent on the installer’s ability to measure and verify Torque Rating. TWIST will provide your rig with a state of the art AllTorque monitoring system, that ensures accurate torque measurements for all your projects. These specialized torque hubs use Bluetooth technology to accurately communicate torque readings directly to an app on your phone or tablet. The integrated software will even organize and send completed torque reports to your clients upon completion of each job!

Your Drive head is the power behind your installation rig. When you have a specific torque value to reach, the right drive head will get you there. Digga drives utilize volumetrically superior and highly efficient radial piston motors to deliver constant and effective performance day in, day out. Our team will make sure you have the proper drive head to meet your needs.

Drive Head

Option 2: Torque Pin-A torque monitoring system where instead of a flanged hub, a single pin attaches the drive head to the lugs on the mount bracket. This eliminates the need for an additional monitoring apparatus between the Drive-Can and the output shaft of the Drive Head.

A Digga 15 foot 3/4″ hose kit to supply the proper hydraulic flow from your machine to your Digga drive head.

Hose kit

If you plan to install longer/deeper piles, your stock machine may lack the reach. TWIST fabricates an array of cost-effective extension options that can be customized to your specific install needs.

The mounting bracket is the connector between the parent machine and the jib attachment. Twist supplies mounting brackets to suit a wide variety of machines.


Are you in the construction industry with equipment ready to use? Our accessories are easily added to your arsenal.

Custom Options

Are you worried about your machine’s size and/or limitations? TWIST can help! We custom fabricate an array of solutions to get your rig up and running.


At TWIST, we employ a standard that guarantees quality craftsmanship and a thorough inspection process for all of our screw piles and accessories alike.

Twist Support

Not only do we engineer, develop, and manufacture Twist Screw Piles and accessories, we also provide you with on-going support to make sure you’re getting the most out of your equipment.



After much industry comparison, TWIST was determined to find only the best equipment for today’s professional installers. Not only are we an authorized dealer for DIGGA and AllTorque products, we also have decades of combined industry experience developing and manufacturing custom options to help you tackle your most difficult challenges. Let us help you up your game!

“Anchor Drives: The power behind your Screw Piles”

Custom Accessories: Jib Extenders for skidsteers and excavators

Torque Monitoring Systems: Engineers want Torque Reports. We can help

Mounting Brackets – Options for every rig

Twist Multi-Can: Change between screw pile sizes in seconds

Hose Kits: The veins of your installation rig


Site Welding

Now that your piles are in the ground, how will attach your pile caps to finish the job? Not a problem. TWIST is an authorized dealer of the MOSA portable Magic Weld series. Light weight and easy to use for all your site welding needs.

Take your business to the next level


The installer market is thriving and TWIST Screw Piles is the trusted name for all your foundation construction products. Do you have your own machinery? Let our team guide you through the setup and certification process to get you started on a new path towards success.

“Anchor Drives: The power behind your Screw Piles”

As an authorized dealer, TWIST can supply any drive head to suit your scope of work. Developed in conjunction with leading screw anchor / helical pile installers around the world, our drive heads have been selected for their rugged design and proven durability through even the harshest ground conditions. This means that your host machine can operate in its most efficient horsepower range with minimal wear and tear, while optimizing performance.

Custom Accessories: Jib Extenders for skidsteers and excavators

As a CWB certified shop with in-house engineering, TWIST offers seemingly endless options to fabricate jibs for skid steers, custom attachments for backhoes, tailored mounting brackets and much more. Our team can help you design the best rig for your machine.

Torque Monitoring Systems: Engineers want Torque Reports

All of our torque monitoring systems are CNC machined from 4140 steel, as opposed to some inferior cast options that are brittle and prone to cracking/breaking. With our vast selection, you also get the benefit of either WiFi or Bluetooth (Smart Sensor Technology) where the torque readings are sent automatically to an app on your phone/tablet (RF wired monitors are also available). The integrated software also facilitates GPS marking, along with cloud storage for all your pile logs – available on demand.

Mounting Brackets – Options for every rig.

Developed for faster connection to your screw piles, Twist offers a variety of model-specific designs to handle the torsional loads of screw piling without compromising simplicity at the job site. All models are engineered to offer secure attachment and safe ground travel from site to site with multiple cradle points.

Twist Multi-Can: Change between screw pile sizes in seconds

Every installation rig requires a drive can. This is the housing that bolts to the torque hub and secures the pile shaft to the drive equipment. Drive cans come in a multitude of sizes for different diameter piles. TWIST offers its patented housing called the TWIST Multi-Can which uses sleeve inserts to fit an array of different diameter pile shafts. These bolt-in sleeves are much more efficient than detaching a drive can and replacing it with a different size.

Hose Kits: The veins of your installation rig

The drive head receives its hydraulic power via model-specific hoses and couplers. TWIST will guide you to make the proper selection for your machine’s flow rate. Spare parts are always available for any worn or breached hose equipment.