Twist Screw Piles


How a small Canadian company is changing an industry.


The Twist Story

Twist Developments Inc. was established as an oil and gas construction company in 2010, catering to the energy sector with project design, engineering, custom fabrication, and repair services.


In 2016, Twist responded to the heightened market demand for foundation solutions in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, and turned its full focus towards developing an improved foundation system. From our passion for design, and our streamlined manufacturing experience, Twist Screw Piles was born. We have since worked with the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta to design a unique approach to screw pile manufacturing that far exceeds client expectations, while minimizing our carbon footprint.


Our engineered screw pile designs led to a published study on our testing/development process. Twist Developments Inc. is one of the few manufacturers of its kind in Canada to receive its CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) evaluation stamp. The CCMC is the only construction code compliance agency supported by the Government of Canada. While our mission to lead through innovation continues, Twist commits to maintaining a high standard of excellence among all of our Canadian locations. Our teams are here to support your foundation construction needs and to make sure you get the job done right the first time.


As an accredited foundation systems manufacturer, we continue to target more challenging projects, and the means of meeting those challenges. Not only does TWIST offer complete engineering services for custom solutions, but our technical team is also equipped to support local businesses who are interested in the installation business.

We have the experience and capacity to train and certify new screw pile installers and have seen many local businesses compliment their offerings to much success! Coupled with our manufacturing support, no project is beyond our reach, and we have multiple facilities across Alberta to support any volume requirements. In our pursuit of growth, we consider certified installers to be our strongest and most reliable customers.



Some may say that our success can best be defined by our ability to offer fast turn-around times at lean price points, without compromising quality. When we look back on the true reasons for our growth however, it belongs to the relationships we’ve built with our teams, our research partners, and our clients first and foremost. Without these relationships, TWIST could not operate as the family that it has grown to become over the years. This is the unifying spirit of our business, and it lives proudly within each of our many locations. When you work with TWIST, you become part of that family space, and your projects are treated as such. That’s the TWIST difference.

Take your business to the next level


The installer market is thriving and TWIST Screw Piles is the trusted name for all your foundation construction products. Do you have your own machinery? Let our team guide you through the setup and certification process to get you started on a new path towards success.