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The installer market is thriving and TWIST Screw Piles is the trusted name for all your foundation construction products. Do you have your own machinery? Let our team guide you through the setup and certification process to get you started on a new path towards success.




Twist Developments Inc. is an innovator in the screw pile industry, with decades of combined experience to draw from. Not only do we manufacture top-quality CCMC evaluated screw piles, but thanks to our vast experience in working directly with installers of all profiles, TWIST has developed a certification program designed to teach you everything you will need to succeed as an installer yourself.

Contractors looking to expand their services can make a relatively small investment that will pay big dividends in the thriving installer market. Twist provides guidance on determining all necessary attachments for your rig in the most cost-effective configuration possible. Installers will benefit from learning how to read torque ratings, proper pile leveling, pile cap selection, and basic maintenance tips. We also provide live training, an installer manual, and on-going phone support. Are you ready to take the next step towards bigger success?


Take Your Business To The Next Level

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at our screw pile builds. The team at TWIST believes that a quality screw pile is only as effective as the way its been installed. Let us guide you towards the perfect rig to reach your goals. Contact us today!

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Custom Packages

Twist offers custom packages tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Our custom packages are designed to provide you with the best solution possible.

Training Sessions

Twist will provide you with a hands-on training session to ensure that you’re prepared to service your customers like a pro.

Installer Support

Our commitment to your success comes with rig-setup assistance, torque monitoring review, your own Twist Certified Installers handbook and on-going phone support.



The success of any professionally designed structure begins at its foundation. Screw piles have evolved to become the go-to system for load bearing requirements. We carry a full line of installation products carefully selected to suit your needs for any job – large or small. Whether you’re deciding on the perfect Drive Head to pair with your existing equipment, or learning the advantages of our Twist Multi-Can system, our team can guide you through each step.

As the construction industry evolves, more and more projects are demanding accurate torque reports. We carry an array of torque monitoring systems that are the go-to solution for professionals who meet this demand daily. Options include torque hubs with Bluetooth technology to accurately communicate torque readings directly from the hub itself to an app on your phone or tablet. Not only does this system simplify installer setup, but it automatically generates completed torque reports that can be sent directly to your customer for their own records. App software also facilitates GPS marking, and cloud storage space for pile logs – viewable on demand! Your business depends on the proper tools to grow, and we can help you get there. That’s the Twist advantage.


The Twist Team is Here to Help


As proud supporters of local businesses, TWIST is dedicated to empowering business owners to reach their full growth potential. Collaboration with businesses of all sizes has fueled innovative ideas to keep the industry flourishing along with the market demand. We love seeing new installers receive their TWIST Certification – it tells us that our quality standards are going beyond screw pile manufacturing, and directly into their final resting place. With a minimal investment, the installer market may be just the boost your business needs! Contact the team at TWIST and get started today!